Take-Down Recurve Limb Lamination Kit


The Take-Down Recurve Limb Lamination Kit includes Bo-Tuff Glass and core laminations in your choice of wood type and wedges of your choice. Kit comes in two 36″ limbs with Bo-Tuff glass on either side of 1 parallel lamination, 1 tapered lamination and tapered wedge.


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The Bingham Project’s Take-Down Recurve Limb Lamination Kit saves you from the hassle of worrying about your stack thickness. Just fill in the relevant information in the drop down boxes and we’ll get started on your new bow limbs.

We have a wide variety of woods to choose from for your core laminations and wedges, and several different colors of glass that will go on the back and belly of the bow. If you wish to see the wood on the back and belly, choose the clear glass option.

In our Take-Down Recurve Limb Lamination Kit you will receive two pieces of wood, two pieces of glass, and a pair of wedges. The parallel piece of wood is of uniform thickness, and comes in a matched 36″ pair. The tapered piece of wood gets smaller towards one end, tapering at an .002″ per running inch taper. The taper also comes in a matched 36″ pair. The wedges are a matched pair, and will be 8.25″ long for 58″-62″ bows, and 10.25″ long for 64″-68″ bows.

A Take-Down, or 3-piece bow has many advantages over a traditional one-piece bow, while retaining all of the same working characteristics. The ability to take the bow apart makes travel a breeze. And you can easily use the same riser for multiple sets of limbs, allowing you to fashion a set of limbs for the range, and a heavier poundage set of limbs for hunting, for example.

Take-Down Recurve Riser with knob-style hardware

Please note that the riser is sold separately. Click here to go to the riser product page and pick out a wood for your riser.

To attach your limbs to the riser, you will need a limb locking hardware kit. The limb locking hardware comes in bezel or knob style, and the bezels come in black or brass.

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Red Elm-Edge Grain, Red Elm-Flat Grain, Hard Maple, Ash, Cherry, Jatoba, Bubinga, Hickory, Walnut, Purple Heart, Shedua, Padauk, Ebiara/Red Zebra, Bocote, Wenge, Curly Maple, Birdseye Maple, Actionboo Natural, Actionboo Amber, Desert Camo -Edge Grain, Desert Camo -Flat Grain, Pink Camo -Edge Grain, Pink Camo -Flat Grain, Buckskin – Edge Grain, Buckskin Flat Grain

Customer Questions & Answers

  1. Q What side does the taper piece go, toward the back or belly? answer now
    Asked by Andrew on October 26, 2019 9:35 am
    Answered by the admin Thanks for your question. The taper goes on the belly of the limb, under the wedge. The thick end toward the butt of the limb.
  2. Answered by the admin The 2" that you mention is the raw stock width. We also have an 1.75" width. Our blueprint has a 2" (1 7/8" finished width) version and an 1.75" (1 5/8" finished width) version.
  3. Answered by the admin

    On our website, under the Helpful Links drop-down, there is a Wood Samples section and a Bingham Bow Pictures section. You will be able to see pictures of the woods and bows. Concerning the bow press , yes, you will need one. The press kit on our website contains instruction material, blueprints,  a DVD and all of the hardware that you will need. 

  4. Answered by the admin No. The limb kit does not have masking tape pre-applied to the Bo-Tuff.
  5. Answered by the admin In a limb kit, the bo-tuff thickness will usually be .040" or .050". We will use the thickness necessary to make the desired limb thickness. I don't usually use .030" bo-tuff. Only if it is a very light kit or if it has carbon, core-tuff, etc. in the core and it won't work with the thinnest taper and parallel. Changes in bo-tuff thickness (assuming the total limb thickness remains the same) won't make any appreciable difference in weight or performance. My rule of thumb is to stay away from extremes. I don't use thick bo-tuff with a light bow or thin bo-tuff with a heavy bow.

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