Recurve Limb Lamination Kit


Recurve Limb Lamination Kit includes Bo-Tuff Glass and core laminations in your choice of wood type. Kit comes 72″ long with Bo-Tuff glass on either side of 1 parallel lamination (72″ piece or 36″ pairs depending on wood type) and 1 tapered lamination (36″ pairs).


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The Recurve Limb Lamination Kit saves you the hassle of trying to calculate the thickness of your bow limbs. We will do all the math for you. Just fill in the appropriate information from the drop down menus, and we’ll get to work building your new bow limbs. You can choose from a wide variety of woods and several different colors of glass for your limbs, including clear glass, which allows you to see the wood on the back and belly of the bow.

In the Recurve Limb Lamination Kit you will have two separate layers of wood sandwiched between a layer of glass on the back and a layer of glass on the belly of the bow.

The parallel wood lamination is of uniform thickness. If you choose maple, red elm, action-boo, or ash for the parallel, it will come 72″ long, the same length as the glass. If you choose any other wood, the parallel will come as a 36″ matched pair.

The tapered wood lamination narrows in thickness at an .002″ per running inch taper. The taper will always come as a matched 36″ pair.

Please note that the riser is not included with the Limb Lamination Kit. Click here to go to the riser product page.



The picture to the left shows our standard riser from the 301A1 60″ and the 301A3 58″ blueprints.

We offer an additional blueprint for the alternate riser design pictured to the right. The 301A2 for the 58″¬†and the 301A4 for the 60″ layout that stunning squared-off riser.

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Red Elm-Edge Grain, Red Elm-Flat Grain, Hard Maple, Ash, Cherry, Jatoba, Bubinga, Hickory, Walnut, Purple Heart, Shedua, Padauk, Ebiara/Red Zebra, Bocote, Wenge, Curly Maple, Birdseye Maple, Actionboo Natural, Actionboo Amber, Desert Camo -Edge Grain, Desert Camo -Flat Grain, Pink Camo -Edge Grain, Pink Camo -Flat Grain, Buckskin – Edge Grain, Buckskin Flat Grain

Customer Questions & Answers

  1. Answered by the admin If you would like different glass color on back and belly, just let us know what you would like by leaving a note for us in the comments section at the end of the order.
  2. Q Is the length overall or nock to nock? answer now
    Asked by Josh Wernli on February 25, 2020 6:41 pm
    Answered by the admin You measure the length of a bow from nock to nock. Measure from one string groove, follow the curve of the limb, go straight through the riser, follow the curve of the other limb to the other string groove.
  3. Answered by the admin The limb kit does not include epoxy. That must be ordered separately.
  4. Q Idk what the carbon stuff is and idk if I need it. answer now
    Asked by Gavin on January 31, 2020 8:15 pm
    Answered by the admin The carbon is a utility strip the goes on the inside of the limb. It will increase performance about 5 fps. It is an optional upgrade.
  5. Q Is the ash wood, black and or white ash? answer now
    Asked by Joe on June 9, 2019 4:56 pm
    Answered by the admin Thanks for your question. We carry white ash.

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