Pro Series Fletcher by BPE


120 degree 3 fletch, 75 x 105 degree or 90 x 90 degree 4 fletch, or 6 fletch. Fully adjustable nock setting. Left helical.

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The Pro Series Fletcher by BPE model PSF-1 features 75° x 105° or 90° x 90° 4 Fletch and 120° 3 Fletch, on up to 6 fletch and more. Fully adjustable nock setting. Sturdy construction of aluminum and glass-filled nylon. Will fletch with cock fletch up, down, out, or any other angle you may desire. Holds any diameter shaft, from 14/64″ (0.218″) all the way up to 25/64″ (0.391″). The quick-detach base allows you to easily remove the fletcher for adjustment or storage. Left helical.

-3 Fletch all the way up to 6 fletch.
-Any diameter arrow shaft.
-Fully adjustable nock setting and clamp angles.

Manufacture’s Instructions:

Mount the quick change adapter to a table or board with the two screws provided. Now snap the fletcher base into position. The fletching head will come pre-set for 120 degree 2 fletch and the long index reference mark on the rotating head should be in the up position at the start of each new shaft. The upper shaft support should now be rotated to the proper shaft size by loosening the ribbed knob by turning counter-clockwise 3 turns. Pull out the wheel to disengage the lock. Turn the wheel to the desired shaft size and when locking pin engages, tighten the knob finger tight. Shaft sizes are marked under each slot. Clean the arrow shaft with alcohol or suitable solvent and place the nock in the nock receiver and the shaft in the upper shaft support. Insert the fletching into the clamp, leaving the base of the fletching approximately 1/16″ away from the edge of the clamp (this will help keep glue from building up on the clamp and will also insure a good fit against the shaft) but don’t apply glue. Place the clamp on the fletcher magnet and slide it toward the nock receiver until the rear of the clamp touches the nock receiver housing.

Check to see if the fletching is in the desired position on the shaft and make note of the corresponding reference mark on the clamp. Now loosen the magnet bar thumb screws and adjust the magnet bar until the fletching at the nock end is centered on the shaft and the upper end is adjusted until the fletching makes contact with the shaft over its full length. Tighten the thumb screws and record all settings. The magnet bar reference calibrations are not degrees. These are references to be recorded for use when making adjustments or changing from one clamp style to another. Remove the clamp from the fletcher, apply a thin line of glue along the base of the fletch and position the clamp on the magnet with nock end of the camp butted against the nock receiver housing then press the clamp down until contact with the shaft is made. (Note: A thin coat of paraffin or beeswax along the clamp edge will help prevent glue build-up). After the glue is dry, remove the clamp by squeezing the clamp ears together and sliding it up and off of the fletching and rotate the head counter clockwise until it clicks into the next position and repeat until finished. Remember to reposition the head so the index reference mark is up before starting a new shaft.

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