Fletching Tape


Excellent tape adhesive for attaching vanes and feathers with no drying time.

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Fletching tape is used to attach feathers and vanes to arrow shafts. The advantage Fletching Tape holds over more conventional epoxies is the fact that you don’t have to allow for drying time. Conventional epoxies require a waiting period before you can proceed to fletch the next feather or arrow. But with Fletching Tape there is no need to wait for anything to dry. Just fletch and go.

-No drying time! Just fletch and shoot.
-720 inch roll will fletch 3 1/2 dozen arrows.
-Can be used with any type of arrow shaft.

Instructions for Use from the manufacturer:

“Place feather in clamp and apply tape firmly to quill. Clamp should rest on table top during tape application. With a small pair of scissors, trim the tape leaving an extra 1/8th inch overhang past the quill. Remove red liner by pressing the 1/8th inch excess down to the clamp. This will allow the liner to separate. Adhesive will stay on feather. Avoid touching the adhesive. Press feather firmly onto a clean arrow shaft. The bond is made on contact. Take clamp off and repeat for the remaining feathers. Remove your fletched arrow and run your fingernail down each quill, and dap tips with Fletch-Tite adhesive for added protection.”

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