5″ Die Cutter


This Feather Die Cutter allows you to chop your own die cut feathers from full length feathers. Specify parabolic or shield. Left wing only.

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Chop your own feathers with this handy little Die Cutter. Available in both parabolic or shield cut profiles. Left wing only. For best results, a rubber mallet should be used.

Manufacture’s User Guide-

1. Place Chopper on a solid surface, such as a sturdy workbench or concrete floor.

2. Raise the strike block. With quill side up, place full length feather on anvil plate so that quill is parallel with stop strip.

3. Using your right hand, hold the feather stationary in the middle of the anvil plate then gently lower the strike block with your left hand. Continue holding feather stationary. CAUTION: KEEP FINGERS FREE AND CLEAR OF BLADE. DO NOT HIT THE STRIKE BLOCK AT THIS TIME AS IT COULD RESULT IN AN INJURY TO FINGERS.

4. Using your left hand, apply pressure to the center of the strike block so that the feather remains stationary. Remove your finger(s) from the feather and ensure they are free and clear of the blade.

5. Using a rubber mallet or equivalent, lightly whack each end of the strike block until you are able to determine the force needed to make a clean, complete cut. USE CAUTION TO AVOID INJURY TO THUMB.


OPTIMUM RESULTS: Fasten Chopper securely to the reinforced section of a solid surface, such as a work bench.

MIS-CUTS: For feathers with large quills that do not cut properly, carefully place the feather back on the Little Chopper and re-cut (repeat steps 2 through 5 above).

FEATHER LENGTH: To achieve a shorter or longer feather length, adjust stop strip angle. To do so, loosen stop strip screws and move stop strip accordingly.

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Shield, Parabolic

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