Traditional Bow Instructional Material

Traditional Bow Instructional Material. We have excellent instructional material. Our instruction material and DVD packages contain an illustrated step by step booklet, blueprint(s) and DVD. They explain the procedures necessary to make your first bow. For example, we have instruction material for a Recurve, Take-Down Recurve, Longbow and Take-Down longbow. In addition, we have instructions for a Youth 48″ Take-Down Recurve and a Youth Longbow in 48″ and 56″. We even have a 3 DVD package that has the booklets, blueprints and DVD’s for all four of our main designs including the Recurve, Take-Down Recurve, Longbow and Take-Down Longbow. On the other hand, we offer all of our blueprints and DVD’s separately.

In conclusion, if you are new to bow making or are just wanting to try making a new type of bow, our Traditional Bow Instructional Material can help your next project be a success. Please think of us for your next project.

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