Accents & Tip Overlays

Accents & Tip Overlays. Add strength and beauty to your riser and limb tips with accents. For riser accents, choose from phenolic or core-tuff. Phenolic comes in black, red, white or tan. Core-tuff comes in black, red, brown, white or olive green. Both materials will finish well and be cosmetically appealing. For tip overlays, choose from phenolic or bo-tuff. Same colors as above. If you are planning on using the new synthetic strings like Fast Flight or D97, you must reinforce your tips. I would suggest a minimum of 1/8″ of phenolic or two layers of bo-tuff.

In conclusion, our accents & tip overlays will add beauty and strength to your riser and limb tips. With our quality materials and many years of experience, we can help make your next project a success. Please think of us for your next project.

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